I hate the place I’m living in .
Whom should I fear to hold in this truth.
What should I fear for being true to everyone.
It’s been years since I’ve been suffering mentally for being here.
Surrounded by the very same people who don’t even care what they say or do but take much care on what I does!
I’m grateful for what all I’ve been blessed with.
I’m grateful for all your kind services till now.
But the kind of hospitality you people have provided is always a killing rudeness to my thoughts over this world.
Making me even think like I’m the worst on this planet!!
For what I’m pleading to have a change .
To feel the freshness of a new life .
To breath in some new air clean from hatred, fear and agony.
To see through non-barred eyesight.
And to live through some good vibes.
For everything I’ve been through except the material possessions, I’ve got nothing else but sufferings to my soul.
Standing alone for what I think is right.
For my rights were based on global brotherhood and universal love!
And if I get a chance …I’m dying to shoutout to the world that I need a change and a chance to live a better life than before .
And I’m waiting and wishing for someone to take me away from this hell of jealousy and pride that eventually I might be killed by those words this place is catering me with!


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