All Bright Stars.


“Stars seems to twinkle because we see them through layers of Earth’s atmosphere.”

Doesn’t that make some sense to us?! It should. By the time our life has rolled over our heart, it has maintained to create layers over our eyes. Only through which we are able to see. And moreover judge!
¬†Stars has got light. It’s light passes through atmospheric layers, it’s distorted so that the amount we see changes constantly. Yeah! Indeed everything’s distorted that nothing seems to be the way it is once they reach us. No matter how bright they shine.

The stars nearest to the horizon appears to twinkle the most because the light is passing through greatest depths of atmosphere

Isn’t that normal to be like that way? Though stars have got names like “cygnus” the brightest star. We call them by terms.Family?. Soul mate?. People who have found that greater depths of our heart might seem to shine brighter than others. That simply doesn’t mean other stars are not producing light. But as a fact, stars do not shine when viewed from space .(aren’t we blessed to be on Earth so that we can enjoy the night sky at least?!!) It’s just the way our eyes not being able to see some other person shining just because our view is filtered by experience! No Worries. This is why telescope in space such as Hubble gives best possible views of stars and even galaxies. Though it is . A star always generate light, which makes it possible to see it through telescope or naked eye. I remember to remember that they also release energy from whatever reaction in their core. And all it takes is our heart to choose what to share . Moreover shine brighter from within so that anyone can simply share your light.¬†


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